Dubphone – Voodoo dub – incl. Egal 3, Jack Wickham rmxs



Audionik is a Well-known name in the Latin America music scene by showcasing events for several years in Mexico, now taking the first step to being recognized as a vinyl only music label with his own particular style. During the first sonic showcase they bring on board the infamous Dubphone with its Voodoo Dub EP which comes with 2 outstanding renditions that needs no introduction; one by Egal 3 and the other by Jack Wickham. Early support by: Raresh, Tini,
– Catalogue: ADKLTD001
– Artists: Dubphone, Egal 3, Jack Wickham remix,
– Release: Voodoo Dub
– Tracknames: Voodoo Dub Original Mix, Voodoo Dub (Egal 3 Reconstruction Mix), Voodoo Dub (Jack Wicham Remix)